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Playground missing .on, .svg, copy code (13)
Just a quick idea for the dev's (5)
To include other languages ( 2 ) (22)
Practice makes master (1)
No sounds in the app! (2)
I think something is not right (3)
Issues in guidelines and privacy (1)
Proposal for new puzzles and lessons (1)
Crash on emoji input (2)
It's very good for me (1)
Can kids sign up? (5)
Lots of feedback and suggestions (3)
Newbie feedback (3)
Biggest missing feature: cut/paste (3)
Code playback at least in the beginning (3)
Playground missing colors (8)
Grasshopper as a platform for custom content? (2)
Animations accepting before checking result (3)
I can'g really figure out get more suppo (2)
Re do a completed course (3)
Further. Conceptual doubts (2)
Como mudar o Idioma (3)
About code finales (2)
The quizzes feedback (3)
Randomized Cumulative Quizzes at the End (3)
Coding styles could use a change (4)
Profile Reset Feature (3)
Mistake achievements (2)
Suggestion to Grasshopper (5)
Typography needs some work (3)