Am I wasting my time

I have been doing this for 90+ days am I wasting my time ?

Hey there, great work!

It’s easy to start a new habit. The hardest part is maintaining it, and checking in every day and putting in the work. It looks like you’ve got this!

If you’ve completed all of the content in the app and are looking for what to do next, there are loads of free classes and tutorials online that you can use to continue your journey. I’m a big fan of They have a ton of content available.

You can also start subscribing to javascript channels on YouTube. Here’s a great repo on GitHub where someone has listed a ton of YouTube channels in multiple languages. It looks like it was last updated 4 days ago, so the author is keeping it current.

Also, try challenging yourself in the Grasshopper playground. Make something cool and post it on the forum!

Hope this helps,

Thank you Ben I hope learning this works out . I just don’t know if I am learning something useful to get a job or make something .

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Maybe you can be a coder or a programmer