Backpack Mistake explainer


It took some time to figure out but if it is solved than it’s stupidity easy =D


I solved it but its confusing, without knowing What the variable element meens, part of the code hiden ? It is more confusing this way.


@Zogy — thanks for the feedback! We’re currently trying to figure out the best way to surface this information, without making it overwhelming in the app.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts,
H :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, I was struggling trying to write all the code. I should’ve known, all you have to do is arange all the blocks in the right way.


When I try to add array in the loop, I get frustrated because there is no keyboard to add array


Post the snapshots of code


If i add mybackpack then it calls myBackpck… Whats the heck ?


L-am rezolvat în cele din urmă.


I was finally able to finish it, you should have made the varibale element apparent from the beginning as we are creating from scratch


Hey guys. This is the solution if you want it real bad.


I seem to tend to write the whole code when a puzzle starts, then I realize it is already there. That is frustrating. I need to see it somehow. It’s like I have to build a door to a house I don’t see, I feel blind :frowning:


That was really so simple. I mean that was just in front of eyes. Took me like 15 minutes but finally. :grin:


So this makes no sense I’ve reviewed the puzzles and concepts mentioned above I still can’t figure it out. Most of those puzzles didn’t make sense the first time around. Mostly cause it was a single demonstration of how to use a very tiny bit of code most of which was already there then moving on to the next bit with zero understanding of what I was doing.


Your comments are really helpful …thanks a lot…ma’am.

I wanna mention that I did the same thing but what I forgot to add one s in bananas …I was irritated after 3 or 4 try so I open the help section…
I wanna say one more thing that I am new to learning code …I don’t have any knowledge or experience with any programming language…
Now these days I am observing, searching and trying to understand …this app is helped me a lot to upstanding var, arrays, operators …wow I am so happy …
Thank you for reading…


Hey @Bituthakur — I’m so glad you’ve found the app useful :slight_smile:


Hey @Dnesty,

Sorry you’ve not found the puzzles helpful. Our aim when teaching is to focus on one specific concept, so often there is starter code that you can read, but don’t need to edit. The aim with the last few puzzles is to allow you to get a chance to code ‘from scratch’.

If you’re really stuck, you can have a look at @Rohit_Kundu or @FripBoyTH screenshots — they give an idea of how to solve this puzzle.

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The biggest issue for me was the phrasing of the puzzle was Abit to hard to understand it. Pretty much it confused me to try make a loop and then array for the print. Yet never it mentioned that the .food is already an array.


Hey @SpaceBear,

This is very good feedback — we can definitely add in that otherBackpack has the same structure as myBackpack.

Thanks for flagging!
H :slight_smile:


I also enjoy this app but was also confused with this task. Very helpful suggestions above, but, I agree with several others that the unknown hidden is not good. I too like to see everything. :grinning::books:


Thanks for mentioning! :smile: