Backpack Mistake explainer


Thank you for your explanation.
Now I get it!


Still wrong? Could you please give me some help?


Hey @Jciveira,

You’re experiencing a bug. If you hard close grasshopper, then re-open and run this code again you should solve this puzzle.

We’re working on fixing this issue, sorry you’ve run into it!
H :slight_smile:


Thanks @Grasshopper_Heather!! I was about to start crying and I forgot the basic rule of IT



The task is phrased in a confusing way that is throwing most people away from the solution not the code. We need to see that the code for the contents of the otherBackpack array already exists. Please don’t hide it from us otherwise we will try to create it (and of course we can’t and we don’t need to).


Did I get this right? I didn’t get a big red box, so I’m thinking I did…but I didn’t get a Congrats either! :crazy_face:


By jove, I think I got it!


Tried for an hour to shove crackers, chocolate, and rasins into someone else’s backpack when they were already there lol.


Hey @Christopher_Hansen,

I think you win my favorite comment on this thread. Rest assured we are working to improve this lesson so future coders don’t try to pack someone elses bag!

H :slight_smile:


Hey hii,

I couldn’t proceed forward with this code…
Thank you,…


Should we create a variable with other backpack? Add items into it. Then use the for loop to look for the food items? Can someone help?


Would be nice if you mentioned this at the puzzle :wink:


Agreed! I spent so long trying to build the array, and being convinced there was a bug because we just didn’t have the tools.


Hey @Trilok_chander,

You are 99% of the way there, you just misspelled one for the properties. It’s equipment rather then equipmemt.

H :slight_smile:


Hey @Emosewa,

You don’t need to create the variable otherBackpack. There is additional code that runs before your code runs (you can see it now included in the explainer).

To solve this puzzle you need to create a for loop and print out all the items held within the food property of otherBackpack.

Hope this helps!
H :slight_smile:


@Ton_Akveld — we’re working on it! H :slight_smile:


How is this wrong



Great! Thanks for your reply.

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Hi did same but no result is coming