Backpack newbie issue


Hi there friends,
I’ve been using the Grasshopper app to learn some Java and I think it’s a great tool!
I have reached the the level of Backpack with much enthusiasm but, I am now really stuck!
I created the variable and thought I followed instructions, however, no matter what I try to solve the problem it gives me the following messages :
Cannot read property ‘food’ of undefined.
This tells me I have not defined that property? I have really searched around to see how I can go past this, and as far as I can see I have defined properties correctly:
var myannoyingBackpack ={
food: ‘potatoes’
print (myannoyingBackpack. food)
I have tried other combinations as well but the app doesn’t let me define in other ways. Perhaps I’m doing it wrong and while I understand you can’t give me the answer, a hint would be great
It would be a shame if I just gave up, perhaps I’m not a coding person!


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