Bingo explainer

Aim of the puzzle: Write a function that takes a number and returns 'bingo' if it’s greater than 4.
Walk through of solution: To complete this puzzle, create a function named card. Inside the parentheses () of the function declaration, add a parameter called num. Inside the code block {} of the function declaration, add an if statement that returns 'bingo' if num > 4. Then, outside the function declaration, use console.log() to print card(5).

Don’t forget to type out the whole function declaration:

  • The function keyword
  • The name of the function, card
  • The parameter, num, inside the parentheses ()
  • The if and return statements, if (num > 4){ return 'bingo' } inside the code block {}

Javascript Concepts: function, if statement, strings, numbers, parameters

I don’t know if there is an error or what, but the code isn’t executing.