Can kids sign up?


I would love to have my daughter practice, but since she has a kids Gmail it won’t let her try it on her device. Can this restrictions be lifted? Or is there a web version of this? I can have her use my account but rather annoying to give my devices.



I think it would be great to allow kids to use the app! Maybe give them restricted access so they can’t post on the forum if that’s a possible issue? But otherwise I definitely agree with this suggestion!


Hey @Ahsen and @RetroJLO,

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Right now, family linked accounts aren’t supported. Since we wanted to get the app into your hands as quickly as possible, we decided to use the ‘out of the box’ Google Auth sign-in process.

We do have plans to re-vamp our sign-up flow, and part of those plans may include not needing a Google Account; however we haven’t made firm decisions yet.

So, thanks for flagging this as it helps us priortize new features and making plans for the future!
H :slight_smile:


I have the same issue. I heard about the app, tried it out, then told my 9 y.o
about it. We downloaded it on her tablet, but couldn’t sign in with her children’s account.


Same here. Wanted to give this game to my kid, only to be met with a cryptic error message. :frowning:

I can understand the reluctance to deal with privacy reviews (or whatever other bureaucracy) required for enabling an app for child accounts, but in that case, why require signing in at all? Tracking progress across devices and access to forums is nice, but as it stands, the app cannot be used by the people who’d benefit from it the most. Hope you can bump up the priority on this issue. Thanks!


Honestly, I am sick of Google’s BS. There are so many small issues that if fixed would make customers far happier. Instead they do half a job and think we should just be grateful. If they are going to build the family link system and child accounts they need to invest in it wholeheartedly.


You can let your kids sign up in Google by not telling the birth date.
Hope Google don’t read this.


Really need to consider children here as perfect app for them but not prepared to let him near the gnarly wide web yet.