Can’t type in a Var


In the Var section I can’t type Friday and it’s not an option


I’m having the same issue. Keyboard will not pop up


There should be a orange button whenever you press to type ‘Friday’ that’s labeled str and then has a picture of a keyboard next to it. This button just adds the quotation marks for you so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them and also brings up the keyboard to type.


I cannot type Friday in bar because keyboard doesn’t come up…


The normal qwerty keyboard only appears when:

  • Naming an identifier: a variable name or a function name
  • Editing a string: words, numbers, or symbols inside of quotes ' '

The blank space you have highlighted wants to know what kind of information to put there, and what you want is a string that says 'Friday'. To start creating a string, you need to tap [str ⌨] which will add a blank string to your code. Then you can edit that blank string to be whatever word you want.



Thank you Frankie. I figured it out just now. The directions could be a little clearer on that string part. You explained it well though. Thank you. :blush: