Counting with Loops explainer


Great job, Helper. This really made it all slot into place is my mind.

At first I thought the varying i values were creating some sort of an array of instructions. Something that I couldn’t wrap my head around.

I feel like this exercise could benefit from an optional “extra info” tab or something along those lines to help explain the for command’s syntax.


Oops. Just realised that’s what the above text is explaining. Strangely though, it took the second explanation in order for me to be able to understand the first.


Hi everybody and olso you’d better use thé grasshopper patch and dont use your KEYBOARD to Wright the code and getting


I typed ‘i’ like a total bozo. Im a lost cause, guys…


@grasshopperexplainer I want to understand that we initially put i = 0 so when the code runs for the first time it should print 1 instead of (zero) 0 because we added +1 in the bracket ?
I’m abit confused how it prints 0 ? When the print function is after i = i+1


This post explains why the first print is 0.

It’s important to know when each part of the for loop actually runs:



You should be more pedagogic.
This is boring.