Gabonese Flag Shortcuts explainer

The aim of this puzzle: Create the Gabonese flag with one line of code.
Walkthrough of the solution: This puzzle is very similar to the Gabonese Flag Helper. There is just one extra shortcut – newLine() can be replaced with a space in the string given to drawBoxes().

Inside of the parentheses of drawBoxes() you need to edit the string. drawBoxes() will look at each character in its string: if it’s a letter, draw a box with the color that letter stands for; if it’s a space, go to a new line. So, drawBoxes('g g') is the same as drawBox(green); newLine(); drawBox(green);

To draw the Gabonese flag, you need three rows: green, green, green, new line, yellow, yellow, yellow, new line, then blue, blue, blue. That means the string that goes inside of drawBoxes() is 'ggg yyy bbb'.
Sample code solution:
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drawBoxes('ggg yyy bbb');

JavaScript Concepts: Calling Functions, Identifiers
Grasshopper Concepts: drawBoxes()


Initially missed your y and added 3 more in my solution before my BBB. It told me that I made an error and I went back to correct it. My corrected solution ran correctly but it has me locked in and keeps telling me to hit reset. Don’t see a"reset". How do I proceed? Thanks

Found reset button, did my corrected solution again and it ran correctly but still will not complete the lesson. Tells me, again, that a new line of code was added and to hit reset again.

In this puzzle, the entire flag can be created using 1 line of code. It’s possible to make a flag using more lines of code, but this puzzle will only pass if you can do it in 1 line.

There are 11 commands that need to run in total: 3 greens, a new line, 3 yellows, a new line, 3 blues. This is represented as a string, 'ggg yyy bbb'. You could break up this string and put each part into a separate drawBoxes() call, but there’s no need.


On desktop on either browsers mozilla or chrome …even for 1hit of space bar , the space counted is more and error is shown as in the screenshot attached …looks its set up mobile app space bar.

Thanks .
Update if any

Hey there,

That feedback message is looking at the 1st drawBox() function call you have. It notices that it is incomplete, and is telling you how to complete it.

You can just delete the 1st drawBox() function call, as you’ve added a 2nd with the correct code.

Hope this helps!