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Check out this post I made with someone having the same problem.



I figured it out!!!


I have solved the puzzle but it says I need to add at least 2 words to the equipment or food array when I already have and it prints out the right solution. I just want to move on to the next puzzle.


Hey @Electric_Waste,

Could you share a screenshot of your code — that way we can have a look through and see if we can spot the issue.

H :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying so quickly, here is a screenshot. I can only post one.


This is a common place to run into this problem. If you scroll up, you can see several posts with the same mistake. Here’s a post that should help.




I put 15 types of clothing onto the “”, and it keeps saying “you need more clothing”


Hey @Avacado_Gaming,

Could you share a screenshot of your code? It does sound like we may not be giving you the correct hint, so would be good to understand what code is triggering it.

Heather :slight_smile:


What am I doScreenshot_2018-04-25-17-48-00ing wrong.


Hey @Larry,

It looks like you’ve got only one string in your arrays. Instead, you want three strings (each string should be on a new line).

This answer from the explainer might be helpful.

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Thanks I got it just had to step back from it a minute


Thank you so much :grin:


Im having problems with this and im sure i did it right but it says im doing it wrong . Please help!


Could you share a screenshot of your code?



There does seem to be a bug here. I’m not able to add a string ‘morefood’. Getting an error that ‘ is not an allowed character.


When you’re creating a new string in the app, the quote marks will be added automatically. For each new string, try tapping on the blank, and then using the str button to create a new string.



The app won’t allow me to tap in the correct position to add strings. I’ve taken a video to show you. I’m not sure I can upload it here but I will try.

(Attachment IMG_2261.TRIM.MOV is missing)


Unfortunately, the video didn’t upload. Perhaps you’re trying to add a string as the key (property name). It is valid JavaScript to have a string as a property name, but in the app we only allow identifiers.

For each key: value pair, the key should be an identifier (like food without quotes), and the value should be an array []. Inside the array, there should be several strings.



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Hello u solve this code