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I’m having the same problem


Hey @VLeo,

I think the answers on this thread from @mysteryguy3039 and @Killer_boy_harsh will be helpful for you. From @mysteryguy3039 post:

Hope this helps!
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How do you share a screen shot on Samsung.


Hey @Luke,

For most Android devices you can take a screenshot by tapping the volume down and power buttons at the same time. You can then upload the screenshot by tapping on the ‘upload’ button when writing a comment/post.

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recuerda que tienes que generar una matriz por cada articulo, por tanto todo esta mal amigo


perfecto, saludos desde venezuela. yo e hecho exactamente lo mismo pero me arroja una moderacion por favor podrian orientarme. (YOUR CODE)

Pack Your Bag explainer

Thank you so much it is really helpful


How do I share my screen shot


Hi @Luke,

When typing a reply tap on the upload button to attach an image, then select the screenshot from your device. You can add any image you want (see below), but the code screenshot is generally the most useful :slight_smile:


Tell me what I’ve done that makes it only give an error saying there’s not enough items in each array. Thank you.



It comes out exactly like the example


Check out this post I made with someone having the same problem.



I figured it out!!!


I have solved the puzzle but it says I need to add at least 2 words to the equipment or food array when I already have and it prints out the right solution. I just want to move on to the next puzzle.


Hey @Electric_Waste,

Could you share a screenshot of your code — that way we can have a look through and see if we can spot the issue.

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Thanks for replying so quickly, here is a screenshot. I can only post one.


This is a common place to run into this problem. If you scroll up, you can see several posts with the same mistake. Here’s a post that should help.




I put 15 types of clothing onto the “”, and it keeps saying “you need more clothing”


Hey @Avacado_Gaming,

Could you share a screenshot of your code? It does sound like we may not be giving you the correct hint, so would be good to understand what code is triggering it.

Heather :slight_smile: