Infor regarding Animation section


Coding playground is highly useful tab for learners. But I doesn’t show full key of JavaScript i.e .attire and many more. Can I get information about l, How to get those keys in coding playground.


Hey @Pranay,

You are totally right! We haven’t added in Animation skills yet to the playground. We are working on a improving this, but in the meantime we’ve created an Animations playground. It’s not as easy to edit on your phone, but does give you the ability to create lots of things using D3 and SVG shapes.

Thanks for the feedback — it’s super useful!
H :slight_smile:


Hey Heather
I tried, But it seems very different from grasshopper. Can you explain me some basic, How to use, So I can kick start my D3 coding there.


Hey @Pranay,

You’ll want to make sure you’re going to the Animations JSFiddle we set up, rather than just

In the bottom left corner is where you can edit the JavaScript. In the starting code, there is a little bit of code that sets up the SVG environment, then you should recognize a circle being created, and a function telling the circle to change colors and ‘fall’. You can edit that code, or add more SVG elements.

I’m hoping this helps!
H :slight_smile: