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Heather wrote a post about some other coding programs you can checkout if you’re all caught up on the courses in Grasshopper so far.

As for the issue with your code (@kartik too) , there was a change made to the checks to allow for more variation in solutions (chaining vs separate calls on circle). There will be an update to fix this in about 24 hours, and you’ll get it after restarting the app.



thanks , my lessions are completed now. It was a nice app but i think you should add some practice section where a person can solve given problems without any hint.


Fantastic explanation. I can’t thank you enough!!


My code does not work. I have already got the cy 136. How do I fix this?


Sorry I fixed it by putting on 165 but I wrote 136


Hey, @Grasshopper_Heather can you explain why it told me this was right when the ball went diagonally and landed on the floor??? Thanks


Hey @Aris_TMR,

Mmmm. That’s odd. Would you be able to share a screenshot of the code you used?

H :slight_smile:


I couldn’t on the website, but I can email you a pic


Hi @Aris_TMR,

You can upload a screenshot by tapping on the button that looks like an arrow pointing upwards when writing a comment, and then you can choose a file from your device (i.e. the screenshot).

But you can also share with us over email via:

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Hope it works


I’ve got stuck at the last step (it’s almost perfect just.,) I read the comments, so I need time to order my thoughts. Most likely I have rushed through the first parts too fast




My code behaves exactly like the example, but I am not getting credit for the solution:


For those curious, I fixed this by bringing the arrow function out of the “var circle” section. Slightly less elegant, and it uses more characters, but it’s more readable now.

Thanks to everyone who made Grasshopper a reality. I really enjoyed going through it, and now I’m looking forward to using Javascript to tackle real world problems.


i lllllllooooovvvveeee this app amazing job, i am already at the end of animations 2 and i dont want to finish it. Can you please add more challenges because this app is expectacular


I’m very sad to be done with this app! :cry: The game format made it a lot of fun. It’s given me the opportunity to start on something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Thank you!




I tried this way solving the problem. Now it doesn’t show any error report instead congrats me for solving the problem but I noticed that the ball was not resetting even after tap. It’s just freezing instantly on tap and falling again.
Help me through this.

My solution is below


When you tap the circle now, it starts running the arrow function right away. That means it cancels the falling transition (freezes instantly on tap) and then begins a new transition to the bottom of the screen from where you tapped it. The “reset position” portion never runs.

Inside your function, you want to have the interrupt().attr('cx', pickRandom(position)).attr('cy', 35) before the falling transition. You also only need 1 transition in this whole puzzle – the animation that makes the circle fall to .attr('cy', 165).

This is a mistake in the way the puzzle is checking your code, and I’ll make sure to get this fixed.