Modifier Math explainer


The code you’ve added is fine. The feedback is still looking at the original starter code and asking you to change the numbers from 0 to something else.

If you remove the starter code (the first 5 lines) and keep the code you added, you should pass the puzzle.



I can’t get past am I doing anything wrong?


Hi @CoreyW07,

It looks you haven’t changed the 0 from x = x - 0 yet. It’s just above the last print statement. You should be able to move on if you change it.

Hope this helps :smile:



Im still stick on this. Grrr so frustrating!!


Could you post a screenshot of your code?



Basically I have the same example equation. It looks like this:

var x=5;
X= x + 0;
Print (‘x is’ + x);
X= x - 0;
Print (‘x is now’ + x);

What do I do?


It looks like you have the starter code. In that case, you only need to make 2 changes: turn each 0 into a different number.

If that doesn’t work, try resetting the puzzle using the :arrows_counterclockwise: button, and then try editing the zeros.



The print() at the bottom should be using the x variable instead of the number 7.

Try changing the 7 to x, and be sure to use the variable name x and not a string 'x'.



Mine is broke i dis the answer this says to use but grasshopper itself says incorrect format