Pack your bag can’t figur it out


I absolutely cannot get past this problem…I’ve tried every possible solution that I can think of shared it on Twitter to get some help. Checked out the answers and tried them and I’m not making it thru please help!


Hey @Miac,

Pack Your Bag is one of the hardest puzzles — so don’t stress about getting stuck. Could you share a screenshot of your code? That way I can have a look and see if I can spot what’s going wrong?

H :slight_smile:


Hi Heather yes and thank you.


The only thing to change is take the print( out of the brackets {}. This doesn’t change the way your code runs, but we do check that the print() isn’t inside of other code – in case it’s inside of an If Statement or For Loop when it shouldn’t be.

You can enter print(; as a new line at the very bottom of your code (make sure it’s not in the block {}). And then delete the existing code block.



what’s wrong with my code?


This puzzle is a bit strict. Try renaming the variable so that it has a lowercase ‘p’.

myBackPack --> myBackpack



Yeah, I tried that and it worked. Thanks!