Pack Your Bag explainer


Erase everything and re enter.


Hey @Jackie_Dander,

Would love to know more about the error you’re experiencing? Is there extra code when you first enter Pack Your Bag?

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Hi sorry to bother you but I’m having issues with the backpack stage it would be nice if you could help me please


@Grasshopper_Heather I’m having issues with the back pack stage and it would be nice if you would help me


I don’t know what is wrong or how to continue


Hey @Brenden_Washington,

Not bothering me at all! Could you share a screenshot of your code— I’ll take and look, and then give you some pointers?

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Hey @11122,

Looks like it’s just a small typo — you’re using closing rather than clothing; an easy mistake to make! Once you adjust that then add print( you should solve this puzzle.

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Hello heather

Sorry for messaging in the reply but I can’t figure out how else to ask. I am stuck here as well and reading other people the question and answers didn’t help.


Hey @redekzters,

You’re very close, just making one small error: you’re using MyBackpack rather than myBackpack.

JavaScript is a case-sensitive language, meaning it treats MyBackpack as a completely seperate variable than myBackpack.

Hope this helps!
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Thank you this worked


Hi, @Grasshopper_Frankie,

Suggestion: Check specifically for this and have a message just for it.

Maybe you can do the same for the case mismatch issue, and the issue of using text instead of a variable.



I don’t understand why it won’t let me pass. Look at my screen shot!


Same problem, how did you resolve it?


I was having trouble with this code too, was about to post then I was reading some of the post go back to check mine all the same. Then I saw it by accident on one of the mods post I was missing the capital B in myBackpack. Just have to say as a 32 year old I love this app. Makes me want to back to school for what i wanted to go school for when I was younger. Till my parents said no good will come out of computer coding. Thanks for wonderful app


I’m struggling with this problem as well. I e read all the comments and double checked and I’m still not sure what I’m missing. Pleas help!


I had this exact same Code, but it’s not working at all


If you’re still having trouble passing this one, could you share a screenshot of your code?

Some of the most common issues are typos like misspelling ‘equipment’, forgetting the ‘s’ in ‘bananas’, or capitalization of ‘myBackpack’.





Hi @Hayley_Jewel, the screenshot wasn’t attached properly. :frowning:



There seems to be a bug in the app, or it’s probably intentional?
When tapping the word autofill of your keyboard, the command won’t run! You need to actually type the whole word in order for the code to work.

Thanks for reading.