Pack Your Bag explainer


Hey there! Try checking the spelling of equipment in the myBackpack object.



My question is aboit. Pack your backback.

I have tried this with just bananas
I’ve printed out bananas, hat and map.
Every way I 've tried is incorrect.
What am I doing wrong?


Your code should work if you remove the 1st line of code: var myBackpack = myBackpack;.



It worked, Thank you! But, it says to create a variable myBackpack.
That was the line I removed.
I would of never guessed. Do you know why it says to create a variable
But the end result to get correct, you don’t use that code.


There could be a mistake in the feedback – I’ll have to check.

In this puzzle, you do have to create a myBackpack variable using var myBackpack = ..., but the code you posted has that written twice. Once a variable is created, it doesn’t need to be created again. If you want to change an existing variable’s value, you just use myBackpack = ... without var or let.

let is a different kind of variable taught in Fundamentals II. Sometimes you can have multiple let myVariable = ... in your code. This is because each let only exists inside its own code block {}. So you can actually have different variables with the same name because they’re “trapped” in their own part of the code.



I’ve used this code so many times and it’s still not letting me get past, I don’t underatand.


If you share a screenshot of your code, I could take a look.



See the thing that pisses me off about this puzzle is why is it that when i declare a variable it immidetly prompts me to add value to it. Why cant i leave it with no value ??.???