Playground missing .on, .svg, copy code



I don’t know which category to choose :slight_smile:
I tried doing stuff in playground and I found:

I can’t add note like you. (Ex.: /Welcome to the Playground/)

There are things that aren’t explain.(ex.: .push(), .pop(), .slice() )

There isn’t possibility to add .on(), because of missing it and missing .svg, .append.

You could make possibility to copy code at least from playground. :wink:

EDIT: I found in first post in this section the website where we can use .svg and .d3 library, but could you intergrate it in app? Because I wanna do things like programing instead of playing games when I am waiting at hospital :slight_smile:
And sometimes my app grasshopper crash and lagging when I am doing exercises. (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X)
And of course i like this app like the thematic exercises.

Why I can't use certain things on the playground

Hi @Vlcina,

For comments, instead of /Welcome to the Playground/, try /*Welcome to the Playground*/.

I can’t say anything about the rest, since I haven’t gotten that far yet.


P.S. Are you talking about the Animation Playground, which I haven’t looked at yet?


Hey @Vlcina,

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion! We’re looking into how we can add D3 elements into the playground.

H :slight_smile:


Yes @Scott_McNay , I thought

/*Welcome to the Playground*/

but i write it here like normal text not like preformated text. In playground is not able to write / and then *.

I am talking about
Animation Playground
only at EDIT first line. :slight_smile:


Hi @Vlcina,

Oh, I keep forgetting that the interface blocks things like that. I’ve expressed my opinion elsewhere that comments should be introduced early.



How can I create a .attr() function in the playground. I tried the create function option but it didn’t work

Code playground does not offer svg.append function

Hey @Canna_Creator,

We’re still working on improving the Grasshopper playground — right now it doesn’t include all the features we’re teaching in puzzles (especially from the Animations and Animations II courses), including .attr().

In the meantime, you can play with your SVG and D3 skills via this web-based playground. You can find out more about it here.

Heather :slight_smile:


Why on Earth is the d3 options not available in the background. The animations II should be there


Hey @Joshua_Smith,

Thanks for the feedback! We’re still working on improving the Playground — including adding adding in Animations skills.

In the meantime, we’ve created an Animations Playground, that allows you to create SVG shapes and manipulate them using the D3 library.

Thanks for the feedback — it does help us priortize new features!
H :slight_smile:


Why I can’t use certain things on the playground, such as .on click and slice for example, and pretty much all of the code i would need to build a game, and why I can’t build a game on grasshopper?


Hi, I just moved your post into this thread with the same question.