Please help with Grasshopper app for Chromebook


I am in my earlier 60, and just started getting into learning to code. I needed something larger to read due to my age so I bought a Acer R11 Chromebook which was capable of downloading Grasshopper app. I was very excited about this, but there are so many problems when I use this app to learn. Sometime I see user menu and sometime I can’t. Sometime the app work for a little and most of the time it doesn’t. I am not good in explaining
, but it really acts weird, sometime. Has anyone else have reported problems with Grasshopper app in Chromebooks?


While the Grasshopper app will run on Chromebooks, it is optimized to run on a phone so there may be parts of the screen (such as menus) that seem stretched out or don’t fit the screen well. We’re hoping to have a version that will run in a internet browser window, but it’s not quite ready.