(Solved) Quiz time after 'broken button blues '


The checkbox doesn t appear in the quiz time after broken button blues. I can t check and the steps further stay locked.
Can somebody help me please ?


The tiny green bar at the bottom allows to valid (if you choose the right answer :grinning:)


Hey @Vinvin98,

That’s a bug we’re working to fix! You correctly spotted the workaround.

Thanks for flagging this,
H :slight_smile:


Hi, it does not work for me. No green line in the window. I use Samsung android mobitel. Best regards


Same here! Allowed some time for a fix, updated the app today, still no fix. Any news?


Hey @iso_miki and @Mommamann1,

We implemented a partial fix last week that resolved this issue for some users, but not all. We’re actively working on a complete fix that should be available next week.

Sorry you’ve hit up against this problem, and thanks so much for flagging it!

H :slight_smile:


Thanks for responding. Looking forward to being able to proceed! Will there be a notification to update apps when it is fixed?


Hey @Mommamann1,

We’re hoping to get a new release out early next week — I’ll reply to this thread when it’s available.

H :slight_smile:


Hey @Mommamann1,

The new version of the app is available on both Android and iOS and this issue should be resolved.

H :slight_smile: