Super-charge your coding skills!

If you’ve enjoyed Grasshopper and want to take your coding skills to the next level, we’ve identified several options where you can continue your coding journey:

Option 1: Take a class online

We’ve partnered with Coursera*, a company that works with major universities and companies to offer online courses to people like you. Here are some of the classes they offer that might be the perfect next step after completing The Fundamentals:

Also, if you’re interested in a fast-track to a tech-based career, consider enrolling in Google + Coursera’s IT Support Professional Certificate program.

Option 2: Go to a bootcamp

For our US-based students in Seattle, St. Louis, Kansas City, Miami, or Tampa, we’ve also partnered with the non-profit LaunchCode to offer free coding bootcamps to a select number of students. If you’re interested, you can sign up here.

*Coursera is a revenue sharing affiliate partner, so if you sign up, you’ll be helping us continue to grow Grasshopper. Thanks.


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Do you have to pay for everything on Coursera?
Do they have any free courses?


Don’t quote me but I think most courses are free. It’s the “audit” option that you have to select. If you audit a course, you can watch all videos and join in discussions, you just don’t receive a certificate if you complete course. I think…


Ah, cool, thanks. I’ll check it out later! :+1:

Does anyone know if this coding the same coding that doctor’s office use and if so can you seek employment with this?

Hey @mysteryguy3039,

That’s a good question, I thought the answer was yes — it’s all paid (since the courses are developed with Universities) but @Juan_t might be right.

We partnered with Coursea because we really like their approach to online education courses. However, there are a lot of free options to learn how to code; for example is an awesome platform where you end up working on real projects (although you don’t get a formal certification like you do with Coursea, or a bootcamp).

H :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ll definitely be sure to check that out once I finish the app.

I have a question: a have some free time right now. Do you know if is it a option to end the course earlier? I don’t know what will be in future

@fallenangel74, Coding in a doctor’s office is ‘medical coding’, basically assigning visits and procedures to a category for payment and record keeping ( just Google it)… It is completely different from computer programming of software or websites.


This was way fun. I wish there was more


Thanks! And we’re working on it!! You can also check out the Animations courses, that teach you about the D3 Library.

Really glad you’ve enjoyed it so far,
H :slight_smile:


I’m am. Only 15 years old is there anything you would suggest I do?

Go and do some classroom sessions or online instructors based class and get certified
Will help you to learn professionally
If more interested do am computer science engineering masters c# and Javascript in those 4 years
Guaranteed you can roam the world and work from home whenever you want

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Great options I would also add possible internships/mentorship at places or even join coding communities like Google Developer Groups to gain knowledge as well. To Even YouTube or discord/slack channels that offer support is a good source to learn the basics to even go beyond that. Good luck and never give up :slight_smile:


That’s great looking forward

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@Grasshopper_Heather I am under 11 years of age and I have completed Grasshopper. My love for coding is very big, and I have been in love with computers for years, coding and writing articles and stories. Is there any suggestion on what a young boy under 11 may do?

Thanks again,
Have a good day!
:grin: :grin: :pizza:

Keep following your dreams; it will get you far in life.

Hey @Grasshopper_Danny,

That’s fantastic you have a love for coding! And awesome you want to expand your knowledge further. Since you’ve completed Grasshopper you may want to try — it’s not aimed at kids, but it sounds like you’d be able to manage it.

Never stop being curious!
H :slight_smile:


Well your advice is very US centric. Isnt there something you could advice for the rest of the world? Especially for people who dont have an opportinity or time to spend on courses. Arent there any app like grasshopper, but that goes a little deeper? Would be useful to lead people to be able to publish a basic app at the end(so they could end up in Google Store someday.


Very good , thanks :pray: