Super-charge your coding skills!



I am highly enjoying my Grasshopper experience so far. First, I would like to thank you for putting together a wonderful and engaging app to teach adults how to code. I have a question: Is there a bootcamp that you can recommend outside of the US?

I live in the European Union. But I am sure that people from other parts of the world will appreciate the advice as well


Hi… I am very much interested in AI and Chatbots. I am in 2nd year of B.Tech in Cse in INDIA, National Institutes of Technology JALANDHAR. I learned c and a bit of python. What should i do next. Tell me courses. Tell me what main topics i should complete? Give me some prestigious links. Where should i start from?Please guide me… I will be very thankful all of you… Waiting for response… :slight_smile:


On coursera, there are chargeable course. tell me free courses on other platforms like edx or others which are completely free and is for beginners.


Wow this is really great! I am 18 years of age and curious of being a professional coder at my early 20s. Thanks a lot grasshopper and it’s management, I really benefited!