The Final Ascent explainer



Please help me to do this lesson



Have you checked The Final Ascent Explainer?



why this is not working

#65 is an array, and that array contains several strings. The For Loop is looking at each item in that array and storing it temporarily in element. Your If Statement should be checking if the element is equal to 'rope'. === 'rope' is the like checking ['item1', 'item2', 'item3'] === 'rope'. This will always be false because an array is never equal to a string, even if the array contains the string.



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Hello, how are you? I’m having trouble completing “the final ascent” my English is basic level. I’m Brazilian, I’d like to conclude. Best regards


Can you paste your code/screenshot you have so far? That will help point us to the direction of the issue so we can help you and learn together :slight_smile:


Olá. Eu posso.
Qual é a dúvida ou problema?