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Why we use va for month and day? Is It because is two different orders? The other challange wasnt asking for two va, Just one.


Hi @Lizandra_Oliveira,

We use two variables because we want to store and keep two different values for use. It’s possible to use one variable and reassign it:

var single = 'August';
var single = 'Friday';

However, if you wanted to use the value ‘August’ somewhere else down the line, you have to reassign back. It’s easier in more robust programs to store values in their own variable for when we want to use them rather than constantly reassigning variables. It would get pretty confusing to read otherwise.

I hope this answers your question but feel to reply if otherwise :smile:


I am kind of stuck here after trying all the possible outcome most especially changing the first letter from uppercase to lowercase


If you look at the earlier posts here, you’ll see other people who have helped with this same confusion.



Hi Mystery Guy.

I already solved the problem. But thanks for the answer.


Why we dont need to code new line while coding friday in next line?


The print() function has something similar to newLine() built into it. The drawBox() command does not.

If you want to print multiple things on the same line, you have to combine them before putting them inside the print(). If you wanted to write out 'August Friday' on the same line, you could do:

print('August Friday');


var month = 'August';
var day = 'Friday';
print(month + day);

The 2nd one would be missing a space between the words, so you can add that in as well:

var month = 'August';
var day = 'Friday';
print(month + ' ' + day);



In the Var section I can’t type Friday and it’s not an option


I’m having the same issue. Keyboard will not pop up


There should be a orange button whenever you press to type ‘Friday’ that’s labeled str and then has a picture of a keyboard next to it. This button just adds the quotation marks for you so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them and also brings up the keyboard to type.


I cannot type Friday in bar because keyboard doesn’t come up…


The normal qwerty keyboard only appears when:

  • Naming an identifier: a variable name or a function name
  • Editing a string: words, numbers, or symbols inside of quotes ' '

The blank space you have highlighted wants to know what kind of information to put there, and what you want is a string that says 'Friday'. To start creating a string, you need to tap [str ⌨] which will add a blank string to your code. Then you can edit that blank string to be whatever word you want.



Thank you Frankie. I figured it out just now. The directions could be a little clearer on that string part. You explained it well though. Thank you. :blush:


Im having the exact problem


Hello. There is no ‘Day’ command for me to press. Do I type it? If so how?



Inside of your print() statements, you have a string instead of an identifier(variable name). The string 'month' has quotes around it and is colored orange in the app. A string is just interpreted as words, not commands or variables. On the keyboard, there should be a grey colored month button. That will not have quotes around it. Try to replace the strings in each print() with the variable versions: print(month) and print(day)
Those commands will print out the values stored in the month variable and the day variable.



They day button will appear once you’ve created a variable called day in your code. If you add var day = ..., then you should get a day key. If you create another variable called var somethingElse = ... then you will get a grey somethingElse button that you can add to your code.