Today is the Day explainer


Oh nevermind, The app is just screwing up. I had to restart it 4 times. I knew I had it right. Yo you guys need to fix these issues. This defeats the purpose of learning code.



I literally dont get what I did wrong


A few points:

  • Each time you press the play button, the code will start running from the beginning each time. That means, if you made a mistake, you should correct it rather than trying to add new code below that is correct.
  • When you use var month, that means, “create a new variable called month”. Once a variable is created, you don’t need to use var again; that would try to create another variable with the same name.
  • A variable will be grey in the app, and a string be orange and have quotes. A string is just words and won’t be used as code by the app. If you want to print the contents of a variable, like month, you need to use the grey month key, not a string that says 'month'

I would try resetting this puzzle, and then only creating 2 new lines of code:

  1. Create a variable called day and store a string in it: var day = 'Friday'
  2. print out the value stored in the day variable: print(day)