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The aim of this puzzle: Print out each letter, but change the T’s to U’s

Walkthrough of the solution: The for...of loop will store each letter of 'GATTACA' in element. Before the element is printed, we need to check if the letter is a 'T'. If it is, then we should switch the letter to a 'U' first. Inside the curly brackets of the If Statement, add element = 'U'.

Sample code solution:
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var sequence = 'GATTACA';
for (var element of sequence) {
  if (element === 'T') {
    element = 'U';

JavaScript Concepts: Code Block (if statement), Calling Functions, Identifiers, Loops, Conditionals (if statement), Variable Declaration

Grasshopper Concepts: print()


Man I’m doing it right but it is saying otherwise! WTHHH


Could you post a screenshot of your code?